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Current homeworld of the Tok'ra, regional capital of the Interstellar Alliance





"We've been without so much as a city for a thousand years. To look up and see such spires built by Tok'ra hands... It is truly magnificent."

Arrakis is the homeworld of the Tok'ra as of the early 2010s, as the discovery of a new queen made it possible for their species to again grow in substantial numbers. With their population rising, the High Council decided that they required a permanent settlement to call their own, and the desert planet was selected for two key reasons; one, it was to that point uninhabited, and two, it reminded the Tok'ra of the barren worlds they had employed as hidden bases under the System Lords. Being the headquarters of its inhabitants' extensive intelligence network and subspace communications grid, it is largely believed that any and all information traded in the galaxy goes through Arrakis at some point. It was famously the site of Baal's execution, and a monument to all Tok'ra who gave their lives in the fight against the Goa'uld stands directly across from the planet's stargate.

In addition to its role as the nexus of Tok'ra society, Arrakis acts as a regional capital for the Interstellar Alliance.


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