Terra Insomnia by Pr3t3nd3r
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  • Advanced
Earth interest

Aschen homeworld, capital of the Aschen Confederation





"Could you imagine a planet that looked any more lifeless?"
Daniel Jackson

Aschae is the homeworld of the Aschen and the capital world of their Confederation. Like many human and near-human planets, it was once under the rule of a Goa'uld System Lord, but the inhabitants eventually rose up and overthrew their masters. The Aschen advanced quickly, outstripping their former masters and declaring their independence from the power struggles of the galaxy's rulers. Populations exploded on Aschae, reaching the billions at a time when Earth remained in the early days of the Industrial Revolution. The planet's resources were drained while its natives constructed starships to colonize, and later conquer, nearby worlds, and citysprawl soon swept grand forests and shimmering oceans aside.

Today, Aschae is surrounded by a number of space stations, though construction must be planned carefully to avoid collision with the grand ring system. Aschen technology is slowly undoing the environmental damage wrought in earlier times, and their mastery of biological manipulation is restoring extinct life. With enough time and care, Aschae could again be a verdant paradise, skyscrapers and wildlife living side by side.