Infiltration of Atlantis (Michael's Campaign)

Assault on Earth

Wraith Civil War


December 2009/January 2010


Atlantean victory. Destruction of Khan's superhive and the vast majority of Todd's Faction. Temporary incapacitation of the Atlantus Outpost and minor planetary damage. Atlantis returns to Earth.


Khan's Faction

  • Pegasus
    • Several puddle jumpers
  • 1 Traveler generational ship
  • Atlantus Outpost (temporarily)
  • Many hundreds of F-302s and atmospheric fighters
  • Unknown civilian and ground-based military casualties

All forces

"Inbound contacts! They're... wait, this can't be right!"
Walter Harriman, reporting the enemy armada's arrival in the Sol System

The Assault on Earth was a series of battles between the Atlantis Expedition and the rogue Wraith known as "Khan," culminating in a massive orbital battle above Earth. This marked the first time that the Wraith had successfully managed to locate and travel to the Milky Way Galaxy, overcoming their technological handicap, if only briefly. It was also the first time in over ten-thousand years that superhives had been active, demonstrating their tremendous ability to crush even the most-sophisticated warships with terrifying ease. Although the humans would ultimately go on to win the conflict, it would have major ramifications for both inhabited galaxies, as, at the end of the day, Atlantis was forced to remain on Earth pending a United Nations investigation into the Expedition's future mandate.


Main article: Superhive

Order of battleEdit

Daedalus v. the superhiveEdit

Old allies and a new strategyEdit

The death of the PegasusEdit

Into the Milky WayEdit

Showdown over EarthEdit


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