Camille Wray
Normal 212 twindestinies 13
Biographical information

Human (Tau'ri)





Political information

Destiny crew, International Oversight Advisory

Out of universe information


"You are a highly trusted, well respected member of this organization. You would not have been on Icarus in the first place if you weren't."
Carl Strom

Camille Wray is a human bureaucrat among those stranded on the Ancient vessel Destiny following a surprise attack on Icarus Base by the Lucian Alliance. She had previously served as representative of the International Oversight Advisory to the Icarus Project, and took her role as human resources officer quite seriously. Upon arrival on Destiny, however, Camille pushed for greater civilian control of the makeshift expedition, going so far as to ally with Nicholas Rush against Everett Young and the military. Even so, she has become one of Young's most trusted advisors in the weeks and months since the division, offering expertise on diplomacy and command policy. Wray now acts as the de facto leader of the ship's crew in the Colonel's absence, and is typically the first to speak to the safety and well-being of all those onboard.


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