Chloe Armstrong
Normal 110 justice 12
Biographical information

Human (Tau'ri)







Political information

Destiny crew, Earth, formerly Office of Sen. Alan Armstrong

Out of universe information

Elyse Levesque

"You're much stronger than that. You just don't know it."
Matthew Scott

Chloe Armstrong is a human who, along with nearly one-hundred others, evacuated from Icarus Base to the Ancient exploratory vessel Destiny. After graduating from Harvard University with a degree in political science, Chloe began work as attache to her father, Sen. Alan Armstrong of California. She was forced onto the edge of the universe by accident, only present offworld to tour the Icarus Project facilities before a planned return to Earth. That said, it was her idea to imbed the equation necessary to dial the ninth chevron into a computer game for Eli Wallace to solve, making her the individual ultimately responsible for the evacuation's success when the time came. Onboard Destiny, Chloe assisted in a number of civilian matters, utilizing her knowledge of politics and case law to great effect. She also began studying the notes of Daniel Jackson and other famed Stargate Program anthropologists, in an attempt to make herself more useful to the crew. In the course of life on the derelict vessel, Chloe was abducted by a hostile alien species and genetically modified, leaving her future and fate uncertain.


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