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USS Enterprise
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Production information




Technical specifications

189 meters


97 meters


76 meters

Maximum speed

150,300,225 meters per second

Engine unit(s)


Hyperdrive system


Power plant

Naquadah generators


Asgard shields


Naquadah/Trinium alloy

Sensor systems

Asgard sensor array

Targeting systems

Targeting computer

Navigation system

Computer navigational systems


16 F-302s

Other systems
  • Battlecruiser
  • Deep Space Carrier
Year introduced




"Finally a ship named Enterprise nice"
—General O'Neill

USS Enterprise is a Tau'ri Daedalus-Class Battlecruiser, that services the United States Airforce, and is under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Marcia Taylor. (Stargate: Enterprise)

Ship MottoEdit

"To Boldly Go Where no one has Gone before"
—-Gene Roddenberry (1921-1991)

Construction HistoryEdit

Keel LaydownEdit

The keel was laid down for the Phoenix in 2013 the ship was slated for later after the Ori Crusade because the construction of the Hammond was worked on and launched before the Enterprise, in the wake of the Tau'ri-Lucian Alliance war the Enterprise was back on the construction list.

After she was completed crew was being picked to come aboard her.

Service RecordEdit

Shakedown CruiseEdit

During the time Atlantis was on Earth, the Enterprise was being outfitted for her launch. As Atlantis was not returning to the Pegasus galaxy, the Enterprise, the Hammond, and the Daedalus would take shifts in the Pegasus galaxy battling the Wraith. As part of their ploy to force the IOA to allow Atlantis to return to the Pegasus galaxy, the Enterprise, Hammond and the Daedalus would take shifts in the Pegasus galaxy battling the Wraith. As part of their ploy to force the IOA to allow Atlantis to return to the Pegasus galaxy, Taylor had any Atlantis personnel who were transferring transfer to the Enterprise where she could easily transfer them back when the IOA caved. She also offered a position on the ship to Ronon Dex to help her in fighting the Wraith, an offer she revealed was real if he chose not to stay on Atlantis. While Ronon took the offer before Atlantis was allowed to return to Pegasus, he chose to stay on Atlantis afterwards but appreciated the chance for a new life Carter's offer had given him. The Hammond later transported Rodney McKay and Jennifer Keller with their things back to Atlantis since they didn't have time to get there by normal means. Along with the Daedalus, the Hammond saw Atlantis off when it took off from Earth and Colonel Carter stated that the Enterprise would follow a couple of weeks behind the Daedalus to Pegasus.

Encountering Queen Death's forcesEdit

Battling Lucian Alliance ForcesEdit

Crew ManifestEdit

Senior StaffEdit

Additional CrewEdit

Security officersEdit

  • Airman Ryan Peterson
  • Airman Mark Stackhouse
  • Airman Mason Nelson
  • Airman Kyle Samson

Medical staffEdit


  • Major Audrey Hunter-Squad leader
  • Corporal Sascha Money-Second in Command


  • Technical Sergeant James Clarkson
  • Technician Samuels
  • Technician Henry
  • Technician Ronalds

F-302 pilotsEdit

  • Captain Rain Lao-Squadron Leader
  • Major Daniel Mitchell-Assistance Squadron leader
  • Lieutenant Richardson
  • Lieutenant Williams
  • Lieutenant Nelson
  • Lieutenant Carlson

Technology InformationEdit


  • Rail Guns:
  • Asgard Plasma Beam Weapons:
  • Missile launchers:
  • Nuclear missiles:

Defense systemEdit

  • Asgard Shielding:


  • Asgard Intergalactic Hyperdrive:
  • Sub-light Engines:

Auxiliary craftEdit



Background InformationEdit