Eli Wallace
Normal 220 gauntlet 06
Biographical information

Human (Tau'ri)






c. 1984

Political information

None (civilian)


Destiny crew, Earth

Out of universe information

David Blue

"You're cute, and you're funny too. And you're a genius! And you're a good friend."
Chloe Armstrong

Eli Wallace is a civilian member of the expedition stranded aboard the Ancient vessel Destiny. He is considered to be both a complete slacker and utter genius, a strikingly brilliant young man who rivals even the likes of Rodney McKay and Nicholas Rush. Unfortunately, Eli lacks confidence in his abilities, believing himself to be too inexperienced or unprepared to take on the responsibilities required of his situation. That said, he single-handedly solved the power distribution problem plaguing the Icarus Project, arriving at the project facility just in time to evacuate from a Lucian Alliance attack. Initially, Eli kept to himself and allowed more senior members of the Stargate Program to handle emergencies, but as his understanding grew, so did his confidence. He has since taken his place as scientific point-man to Everett Young, offering a third opinion in disagreements between the military and elder scientists.


Early lifeEdit

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