"We may just have a chance. That is, if we can finish the ship in time."
Samantha Carter

The Jupiter Project was an initiative undertaken by the United States in early 2010 to develop and construct the experimental warship Jupiter, the plans for which had been brought back in time by Jonas Quinn. With the Der'kal Invasion well underway, Earth realized that it had no real answer to the sheer firepower that the alien cruisers could bring to bear, but it was hoped that the Jupiter would change that. Due to the ship's use of technologies that hadn't yet been invented or even thought of, the cost of the Project was astronomical, and caused something of a budget crisis for the Stargate Program until the United Nations allocated greater funding.

Despite setbacks from both China and the Trust, though, the Jupiter Project was a success, and the MBP-305 Jupiter took to the skies in time to participate in the titanic battle for Earth.