Normal atl 205 086
Astrographical information

Milky Way

Societal information

Tau'ri (past)

Technological period
  • N/A (present)
  • Advanced (past)
Earth interest

Former Tau'ri colony


Tau'ri (past)


Abandoned following devastation by orbital bombardment

"Humanity's first true interstellar colony. Quite a step forward, if you ask me."
Daniel Jackson

Nueva was the first human colony expressly developed for civilian inhabitance, and was established by mandate of the United Nations to ease the overpopulation burden on Earth. Having been founded after the public revelation of the Stargate Program, it received much media fanfare, and was the site of the construction of the experimental MBP-305 Jupiter warship. The colony was evacuated during the Der'kal conquest of Earth and subsequently destroyed.


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