Astrographical information

Outside the Milky Way

Societal information

None (uninhabited)



Earth interest

Zanous Garrin's base, Der'kal shipyard (past)


None (present), Der'kal Empire, Zanous Garrin's Faction (past)

Out of universe information

Shatterpoint, Inroads, Acts of Contrition (mentioned), The Parting Of Ways

P9X-335 is a planet approximately .71 light years outside the Milky Way Galaxy that has served as a central nexus of conflict in the last few hours of Garrin's Campaign, and later in the Der'kal Invasion.



It was home to one of Zanous Garrin's bases prior to the attack by the Alliance of Great Races and subsequent destruction. The planet would also be the location of the first contact between the Der'kal and the peoples of the Milky Way Galaxy, marking the beginning of the Der'kal Invasion.


The Chinese built MBP-305 Mao Zedong visited the planet on a test-flight in the hopes of meeting adequate resistance to test its new shields and weapons. Instead, they discovered that the planet had been convereted into a massive shipyard, repurposed for the construction of dozens of Der'kal ships to aid in their war effort.

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