This article is about the 2005 battle. For other sieges of Atlantis, see here.

Siege of Atlantis
Atl 120 0531

N/A; undeclared conflict between the Atlantis Expedition and the Wraith




Lantea system


Tactical Atlantean victory, strategic Wraith victory. Last remnants of Lantean defenses within the Lantean star system are destroyed. Existence of Atlantis temporarily hidden from the galaxy at large, tensions inside Wraith society begin to mount.




Various Wraith Queens/Keepers/etc.

  • At least 40 personnel
  • One Lantean defense satellite
  • One puddle jumper
  • Several F-302s
  • Five hive ships
    • Hundreds of darts
  • Several cruisers
  • Dozens of drones
"They know that Atlantis is the only way to a rich new feeding ground."
Teyla Emmagan and John Sheppard

The Siege of Atlantis was the first major Wraith offensive in nearly ten-thousand years, directed against the humans that had taken up residence in the abandoned Lantean stronghold of Atlantis. Fearing that the "Atlanteans" would take up the fight of their ancestors, and recognizing that their homeworld and its galaxy offered a rich, untouched feeding ground, the Wraith attacked in an attempt to take the city for themselves. After a lengthy campaign that spanned the entire star system before culminating on Lantea itself, the Atlantis Expedition forced a stalemate by faking a nuclear self-destruct, ensuring their continued survival against impossible odds.


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