The Galactic Battle was the most important and biggest battle of the history. This battle happen on a distant future, in the year 3.678 on Milk Way Galaxy. This battle involved the Intergalactic Alliance, formed by the all Human species, the Wraith, the Free Jaffa Nation, the New Asgard and the New Lanteans of the Milk Way and Pegasus Galaxy to stop the advance of the Yyuran Empire, a super advanced and extremely powerful government form of the Blackhole Kingdom (A extradimensional space ho begins in the Supermassive blackhole of the Milk Way Galaxy and expanded is for a entire infinite other dimension). The battle lasted 4 hours and this is the casualties:

For the Alliance:

  • 35.000 404 class super battleships
  • 56.000 Portal class battleships
  • 78.000 Hive ships
  • 88.000 Asgard Weir class battleships
  • of civillians

For the Yyuran:

  • 67.000 Yyuran battleships
  • 8.900.876.678 Yyurans
  • All the Yyuran Empire was inmate by DEDP (Device of the Estradimensional Prison), ho stopped forever the contact of the Blackhole Kingom with our Universe.