Traveler fleet
Political information
Type of government

Democratically-elected oligarchy

Head of State


Head of Government


Executive branch

Traveler Governing Council

Legislative branch

Informal parliament of ship captains

Judicial branch

Tribunal system

Societal information

None (changes location constantly)

Notable members


Official language

Galactic (English)


Bartering system

Historical information
Formed from

Traveler homeworld

Date of establishment

~10,000 BC

"We move around, never staying in any place too long. It's a lonely life, I won't lie about that, but it's all we have until the day when the Wraith are no more. Like I said, we're travelers; nothing more, nothing less."

The Traveler fleet is a roaming armada of generational ships inhabited by a race of humans in the Pegasus Galaxy known as the Travelers. It acts as both their home and base of supply, and has an unknown, but sizable, population of civilians and soldiers. As the Travelers rely on it and it alone for their livelihood, the ships of the Fleet rarely engage in combat, but the few times the Wraith or other enemies have stumbled upon it, they have paid dearly.