Via Sanders
Biographical information

Human (Tau'ri)






February 15, 1970

Political information



the MBP-305 Aurora and its crew, International Stargate Command, Earth (present), DSC-304 Aurora, Free People of Earth (past)

Out of universe information

Evangeline Lilly

"She's a fine officer, and she's steered her ship through worse storms than you've ever had to deal with from your cozy little lounge chair. I won't have you ripping her or her crew apart because you were too afraid to act!"
Danielle Talbot, defending Sanders against the United Nations

Col. Via Sanders is a human soldier and starship captain, and was the commander of the DSC-304 Aurora for several years before its destruction in the final moments of the Fall of Earth. A skilled tactician rivaling the best the other races in the galaxy have to offer, she is considered the de facto superior to the other captains of Earth's fleet, and a close friend of the members of SG-1. Developing an intense personal rivalry with her Der'kal counterpart Vur'naa, Sanders's ship gained a reputation as a vessel which could not be beaten, and even after it was brought down, she remained one of the most well-respected individuals in the Alliance armed forces. Currently, she is serving as captain of the rechristened MBP-305 Aurora, itself named in honor of her original command.


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